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spring cleaning supplies on hardwood floor bucket mop spray bottle

Get Your Home Spring Ready

Spring Has Sprung, and it’s Time to Spruce Up Your Home.

Here are 10 handy tips for welcoming the new season:

1. Wipe away the grime: Hose down your house’s siding for a fresh look.

2. Scrub those windows inside and out to let the spring light in.

3. Clean and arrange your outdoor furniture so it’s primed for the next barbeque!

4. Gas up the grill and lawn mower, and get them serviced for what’s sure to be frequent use.

5. Mend fences — and driveways, pathways. Look for cracks, and schedule any necessary repairs.

6. Service your air conditioner before you really need it to work one hot day.

7. Do a spring cleaning, and donate or recycle items that are collecting dust in the corners.

8. Refresh your home’s look. Have you run out of wall and table space? Then rotate your paintings and decorations for the season.

9. Change the sheets. Why not try a bold color this spring? Swap the towels while you’re at it, too.

10. Redo your mantel with a green touch, such as a potted plant or cut branch.